Beauchemin, Cris, Hamel, Christelle, Simon, Patrick (Dir.), Trajectories and Origins: Survey on the Diversity of the French Population, 2018


This book provides the main findings of a ground-breaking survey on
immigrants and the second generation in France. The data, collected from
more than 20, 000 persons representative of the population living in
France, offer invaluable insights into the trajectories and experience
of ethnic minorities.

The book explains how France has been an
immigrant-receiving country for over a century and how it is now a
multicultural society with an unprecedented level of origin diversity.
While immigrants and their descendants are targets of clichés and
stereotyping, this book provides unique quantitative findings on their
situation in all areas of personal and working life.Is origin
in itself a factor of inequality? With its detailed reconstitutions of
educational, occupational and conjugal trajectories and its exploration
of access to housing and health, this book provides multiple approaches
to answering this question.

One of the work’s major
contributions is to combine objective and subjective measures of
discrimination: this is the first study in France to focus on racism as
experienced by those subjected to it, while opening up new
methodological perspectives on the experience of prejudice by origin,
religion, and skin colour.

Les auteurs

Dr Cris Beauchemin is a tenured research fellow at INED (Institut
National d’Études Démographiques / French Institute for Demographic
Studies) and associate professor at the department of demography of the
University of Montreal. He holds his PhD from the University Paris 8.
Prior to joining INED, he spent 3 years at the University of Montreal
(Demography Department). Most of his research is about migration and
connections between places of origin and destination. Covering both
domestic and international migration, especially in the African context,
his works relate to trends of migration, migrants’ investments, return
migration, transnational families, integration and transnationalism…
In the last decade, he was responsible of projects involving large scale
surveys: the Migration between Africa and Europe project (MAFE) and the
Trajectories and origin survey in France (TeO). He is associate editor
of the journal International Migration Review.

Christelle Hamel, a
sociologist by training, is a researcher at the French Institute for
Demographic Studies (INED) where she co-heads the Demography, Gender and
Societies research unit. Her earlier work focused on gender relations
among the descendants of immigrants from the Maghreb and Turkey, notably
their young adult years, on union formation and experience of racism.
She has also conducted research on forced marriage. She is head of the
VIRAGE survey on violence and gender relations, and the contexts and
consequences of interpersonal violence in France.

Patrick Simon
is Director of research at INED (Institut National d’Etudes
Demographiques –National demographic institute) (F), and is fellow
researcher at the Center of European Studies (CEE) at Sciences Po. He is
a distinguished visiting professor at CUNY (2015-2016). He is studying
antidiscrimination policies, ethnic classification and the integration
of ethnic minorities in European countries. He has chaired the
scientific panel “Integration of immigrants” at the IUSSP (International
Union for the Scientific Studies of Population) and was appointed at
the Scientific Board of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European
Commission in Vienna (2008-2013). He has edited with V.Piché and
A.Gagnon (2015) Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity: Cross-National
perspectives in classifications and identity politics, Springer and with
Nancy Foner (2015) Fear, Anxiety, and National Identity: Immigration
and Belonging in North America and Western Europe, New York, Russel Sage