POSTDOCTORAL POSITION with a research focus on migration law, Uppsala University — LIMITE : 11/01/2019

The University of Uppsala is offering a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in the area of migration law research, coordinated by Odysseus Member Prof. Rebecca Thorburn Stern.

Migration law is, in Sweden, a relatively new field of law. Legal research in this field is in a dynamic state of development. In recent years, the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University has established itself as one of Sweden’s leading research environments in the field of migration law. The Faculty has, in particular, worked to promote migration law in a Swedish perspective. One central feature of this work has been establishing the Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network, a joint research environment for migration law at the two university faculties of law in Uppsala and Lund. Recently, The Faculty of Law at Gothenburg University joined the network which is now referred to as GL/UMIN. The network welcomes doctoral students as well as senior researchers working on national and international aspects of migration law. Information about this research environment is available on its website, The research network will be open to the postdoctoral fellow.

Postdoctoral project orientation: All project proposals in which migration law is a central and integral part of the research project are relevant within the framework of this call. Since migration law is by definition, as mentioned above, a field including international as well as national elements, projects reflecting this are welcomed; it is however not an absolute requirement.

Duties: The postdoctoral fellowship includes 80 per cent research and 20 per cent teaching and/or administrative duties.

The postdoctoral fellow is expected to contribute, both independently and in cooperation with other researchers, to the research and teaching environment at the Department of Law. Moreover, they are expected to publish high-quality research and otherwise promote the development of the Department’s academic milieu.

Deadline for application is 11 January 2019.

For more info and how to apply, please refer to the vacancy at this link.