D4I FINAL WORKSHOP “Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities (D4I)” — Mardi 27 novembre 2018, Bruxelles


  • European Commission
  • Joint Research Centre

Infos pratiques 

  • 9h30-17h
  • MCE Conference and Business Centre, Rue de l’Aqueduc 118, 1050 Brussels – Belgium
  • Use this link to register
  • https://bluehub.jrc.ec.europa.eu/datachallenge/


The aim of the Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities (D4I) is to stimulate research on various aspects of the integration of migrants at local level.

Through this initiative we make available data at high spatial resolution derived from the 2011 Census which shows the concentration of migrants in cities of 8 EU Member States. The high spatial resolution of the derived data allows to examine patterns of concentration of migrants’ communities in specific neighborhoods and to perform comparisons across different origins, cities of different sizes and EU countries. We welcome in particular qualitative research combining this data with additional information and field work for specific cities and communities.


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Madalina Oletenu et Julien Randon-Furlingeux, deux fellows du département INTEGER,  interviendront sur le thème suivant : “Measuring segregation across scale and place: An application to the EU D4I data “