INTERVENTION de Jim Wolfreys dans le séminaire de la University of London Institute in Paris ” The rise of respectable racism in France” – Jeudi 15 novembre 2018, ULIP, Paris

Infos pratiques

  • Lieu : University of London Institute in Paris, 9-11 rue Constantine, 75007 Paris
  • Horaire : 18h-20h
  • Inscription obligatoire : ici


  • Jim Wolfreys (King’s College London)
  • Discutante : Fatima Khemilat (Université Paris Est Créteil)


Why does Islamophobia dominate public debate in France? Islamophobia in France is rising, with Muslims subjected to unprecedented scrutiny of what they wear, eat and say. Championed by Marine Le Pen and drawing on the French colonial legacy, France’s ‘new secularism’ gives racism a respectable veneer. Jim Wolfreys exposes the dynamic driving this intolerance: a society polarised by inequality, and the authoritarian neoliberalism of the French political mainstream.