ANN : Master in Migration and Development, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


Migration and Development is a first level master’s degree run by the Economics and Social Science Department (DiSSE) of Sapienza, University of Rome.

The Director of the Master Programme is Pierluigi Montalbano, professor of International Economic Policy and Development at DiSSE and Associate Faculty at Department of Economics, University of Sussex.

The added value of our course lies in offering a full and varied training programme along an interdisciplinary route, favouring a global approach that goes beyond the classic themes of cultural and linguistic mediation. Knowledge of the migration phenomenon will thus be enhanced by studying and analysing problems also related to the development of human, social and economic issues settled both in countries of origin and host countries. This interdisciplinary approach is developed by the direct involvement of professors and experts in anthropology, law, economics, political sciences, health and sociology who provide a theoretical and practical approach that allows attendees to acquire essential skills in understanding and managing together with the regulation of migratory flows from the point of view of both human and sustainable development.

The “Migration and Development” master’s degree is addressed to people interested both in being professional in inclusion policies and safeguarding human and migrants’ dignity; it is also addressed to those who want to improve their skills in the implementation of economic and social policies in public and private entities, at a national and international level. The master’s degree is intended to train professional figures for a career within the increasing number of organisations concerned with migration issues and for highly skilled activities which deal with cooperation for social and human development, volunteer associations and the third sector in national and international organisations (even non-governmental). The course is also designed for those who wish to pursue careers (as counsellors or highly specialised figures) in a wide range of professional fields dealing with educational institutions and social, cultural, economic, sanitary and legal cooperation.

The master’s degree relies on innovative partnerships forged by Sapienza with national organisations, think tanks, study and research centres, non-profit organisations, several agencies and NGOs. These will offer attendees an overall picture of the most relevant issues, directly involving them in the matter through practical experiences in the field. The combination of theoretical notions and field work makes this course different from other academic alternatives. Thanks to a partnership with FAO (Sapienza signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FAO in 2016), special attention will be devoted to the role played by vulnerability, resilience and rural development in the origin of migratory-flow countries, to the main themes and causes of long-term crisis: conflicts, misrule, environment, natural resources as well as actions and political strategies set out both at a local and global territorial level.