CFP : Dossier “Thinking Beyond Boundaries : Researching Ethnoheterogenesis in Contexts of Diversities and Social Change “, New Diversities — LIMITE : 28/04/2019

Direction du numéro spécial

  • Mathias Bös
  • Nina-Clara Tiesler
  • Deborah Sielert


  • Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

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  • Date limite de soumission : 28 avril 2019
  • Notification aux auteur.e.s : mi-mai 2019
  • Envoi des articles : septembre 2019
  • Publication : printemps 2020
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New Diversities (previously the International Journal on Multicultural Societies) is an international, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of  Religious and Ethnic Diversity, committed to publishing interdisciplinary and policy-related social science research in the fields of diversity, migration, multicultural policies, and human rights.

Thinking Beyond Boundaries: Researching Ethnoheterogenesis in Contexts of Diversities and Social Change

Guest Editors: Mathias Bös, Nina-Clara Tiesler & Deborah Sielert

The study of societal change and ethnic relations has been a core pursuit in the Social Sciences, both in the past and in the present, especially – though not exclusively – in historical contexts marked by heightened migration and diversification. This special issue aims to refine the theoretical understanding of social and cultural processes regarding the formation of ethnicities and ethnic diversity (Yancey et al 1976, Bös 2010).
The specific contribution of this Special Issue goes to the research context of migrants and migrant descendants, wherein conceptual debates on self-perceptions, modes of belonging, group formation, and collective subjectivities continue to be at the core of theoretical
considerations (Cohen 1974, Glazer and Moynihan 1975, Banton 2008). Importantly, the
contributions to this special issue go beyond this context: studying the genesis and continuously shifting social forms of ethnicities is heuristically important in that it can help us clarify processes of socio-, cultural-, and political change in society at large (Bell 1975, Bös 2011, Banton 2011). […]

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