CFP : Migration as Crime (Migrants and the criminal justice system), avril 2020, Université de Leyde, Pays-Bas — LIMITE : 15/04/2019

Infos pratiques

  • Organisateurs du panel : Elie-Benjamin Loyer (Paris Ouest, ICM) et Manon van der Heijden (Leyden University)
  • Contact :
  • Adresse de soumission :
  • Date limite de soumission : 15 avril 2019
  • Date de la manifestation : avril 2020
  • Lieu de la manifestation : Université de Leyde, Pays-Bas


This panel seeks to understand the criminalization of immigrants in a long term perspective. With this panel, it is less about exploring the supposed criminality of migrants, but rather of the way traveling groups and newcomers ended up before the police and the courts. Any papers focusing on practices of criminalization of migrants, the treatment of migrants by street-level bureaucrats, the police and the courts, are welcome: As the panel should also provide an opportunity to make comparisons over time and space, papers from any place or time period are welcome. This panel will be chaired by Pr. Manon van der Heijden

If you are interested in participating in this panel, please get in touch with Elie-Benjamin Loyer (Université Paris Nanterre, France): Please don’t hesitate to pass on this call to any colleagues who you think might be interested.