INTERVENTION d’Alejandro Portes (Princeton) dans le séminaire “MigrAnts in Global Metropolises” — Jeudi 16 mai 2019, 10h

Responsables du séminaire MAGMET : Delphine Pagès-El Karoui, Catherine Lejeune, Camille Schmoll, Hélène Thiollet.
Abstract : “A Tale of Three Cities: Miami, Dubai, and Singapore Compared”. 
The literature on “global cities,” following publication by Saskia Sassen of a book under the same title, has focused on those prime centers of the capitalist economy that concentrate command-and-control functions in finance and trade worldwide. New York, London, Tokyo and, sometimes, Frankfurt and Paris are commonly cited as such centers. In recent years, however, another set of mercantile and financial centers have arisen. They reproduce, on a regional basis, the features and functions of the prime global cities. Dubai, Miami, and Singapore have emerged during the first quarter of the XXI century as such new regional centers. This paper explores the history of the three; the mechanisms that guided their ascent to their present position; and the pitfalls –political and ecological– that may compromise their present success. The rise of these new global cities from a position of insignificance is primarily a political story, but the stages that the story followed and the key participants in it are quite different. A systematic comparison of the three cities offer lessons for urban sociology, and economics and for other ambitious cities and city leaders aspiring to a similar role.