PUBLI : Agnieszka Fihel et Marek Okólski, “Demographic change and challenges” in Social and Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe, (ed. Gorzelak), 2019

  • Chapitre dans le livre Social and Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe. Stability and Change after 1990, dirigé par Grzegorz Gorzelak
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As a rule, due to the multitude and complexity of economic, social and political factors that condition population processes, the latter usually take place in a slow and gradual manner, whereas abrupt demographic changes are rare. Yet, in the post-1989 period, the 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (EU11) experienced sudden and simultaneous turnabouts in all the three fundamental demographic phenomena: natality, mortality and international migration. The consequent de-population and process of population ageing, which we address in this chapter, became one of the most far-reaching changes specific to the EU11 societies undergoing the post-communist institutional and economic transition, and one of the greatest challenges for these societies in the near future.