AAC : Panel “The Challenges of Transnational Migration and Social Diversity”, 34th International Geographical Congress, 17-21 Août 2020, Istanbul, Turquie — LIMITE : 13/01/2020

Transnational migration is an increasingly significant issue in many countries around the world, in terms of its effectiveness as a solution to labour shortages, population ageing and economic competitiveness, but also in terms of new or emerging forms of social and cultural diversity. This session focuses on migration-led diversification and welcomes papers that deal with the processes of diversification including high and low skilled labour migration systems and international marriage migration; the consequences of diversification at different scales ranging from the household, the neighbourhood, the city, the region to the nation-state; and the challenges for policies deployed by national and local states to promote, contain or reconfigure diversity in the places and spaces of everyday life. The session also welcomes more conceptually oriented papers dealing with the way migration and population mobility have stimulated debates over `multiculturalism’, `integration’, `rights and responsibilities’, `social cohesion’, `cosmopolitanism’ and ‘encounters’ in a variety of geographical settings.


More details on how to submit an abstract is available here: https://www.igc2020.org/en/ABSTRACT-SUBMISSION.html. When submitting, please select “C.30.Population Geography => Transnational Migration and Social Diversity” under CATEGORIES to ensure that your abstract is channelled to the right panel.

Deadline for abstract papers and posters submission: 13 January 2020
Notification of acceptance: 24 February 2020
Early bird registration deadline: 09 March 2020
Authors’ registration deadline: 06 April 2020