AAC : Panel “Immigration in the public sphere at the global level”, IPSA World Congress, 25-30 Juillet 2020, Lisbonne, Portugal — LIMITE : 08/10/2019


  • organisateur : João Carvalho, CIES-IUL


In the age of globalization, the expansion of International migration has been followed by the increasing politicization of this social phenomenon at the public level. This trend was observed at the global level, illustrated by a spike on racial hatred in the USA and in the UK, the flourishing of radical right parties in Europe or the anti-foreigner violence observed in South Africa. In short, the political salience of immigration intensified severely in recent decades and the management of this topic is amongst the most complex challenges presented to national governments.

Within this overall context, this panel accepts proposals that explore the politics of international migration in the public sphere. Drawing on a stagist approach to immigration policy, this panel is most interested in exploring the politics of immigration during the first phase of the policy process – political inputs rather than focusing on the policy outputs or their implementation by the public authorities. In parallel, this panel seeks to overcome the insulation of political analysis of international immigration from the broader debates in political science and its sub-disciplines. Thereby, this event seeks to provide a venue for a cross-disciplinary dialogue between political scientists interested on this topic.

Thereby, this panel welcomes proposals that explore the framing of immigration in the public sphere, the politicization of this social phenomenon, the relationship between political parties’ positions on this issue and public behavior, the interparty or intraparty competition over this topic. The proposed papers can draw on quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods approach and supported by a single-case, small-N or a large-N case selection.

Deadline : 8/10/2019

Please send your proposal to joao.miguel.carvalho@iscte-iul.pt