PUBLI : Glenda Santana de Andrade, “Reflections on research ethics in the case of Syrians in urban spaces in Jordan and Turkey”, Briefs on Methodological, Ethical and Epistemological Issues, n°5, CrossMigration Project, 2019


The Methods & Ethics Briefs sont publiés dans le cadre du projet Cross Migration, porté par l’Imiscoe. Ils sont publiés en réponse à un appel à communications.


When studying a population in a vulnerable condition and with limited rights, several questions must be raised, in particular questions pertaining to ethics. This brief discusses the incompatibility of certain requirements by institutional ethics review committees, such as the written recording of consent, with the need to protect research participants’ identities. Following guidelines designed for research projects ‘in general’, may at times intimidate and jeopardize the safety of participants.

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