Laura Odasso, “I figli delle coppie miste in Francia e in Italia. Progetti genitoriali e processi di definizione di sé (1990-2014)”, in : V. Gourdon, M. Gasperoni et C. Grange (dir.), Les mariages mixtes dans les sociétés contemporaines. Diversité religieuse, différences nationales, 2019, p. 261-283.

Début de l’article traduit de l’italien

“Family choices are based on identity, community and institutional dynamics that affect the boundaries between social groups. The formation of binational and mixed couples is a particular phenomenon. Linked to the migration issue, such unions oblige societies to a continuous redefinition of the relationship to otherness, be it juridical, ethnic, cultural, religious, or linguistic. In the context of studies on mixed unions, at the crossroads of the sociology of migration, the sociology of the family and the sociology of racism, this chapter deals with the self-definition processes of children of heterosexual couples formed by an Italian or French partner and a partner from an “Arab” country (Morocco, Lebanon or Jordan), living in urban or peri-urban areas of Alsace (France) and Veneto (Italy). (…)”

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