Mardi 11 février 2020 — Séminaire DYNAMICS

  • Christina Gathmann (Heidelberg University) ;
  • Juan Luksic (PSE).
  • 16:30-19:00 ;
  • PSE, 48 Bd Jourdan 75014 Paris, Salle R1-09.

Christina Gathmann (Heidelberg University)
Marginal Returns to Citizenship and Skill Development

We estimate the marginal returns to citizenship on skill development for children of immigrants. Two national reforms in 1991 and 2000 introduced birthright citizenship (and an associated transitional rule) for second-generation immigrants and laid out eligibility criteria for naturalization for first generation immigrants in Germany. We show substantial heterogeneity in returns to citizenship with the highest returns for those with the highest resistance to take-up. We also find that immigrant children born in Germany are both more likely to obtain a German passport and have higher returns from citizenship. Better language skills further translate into a lower probability of grade retention, whereas other skills (like in math or natural science) and school performance (grades or school track) seem to be una_ected. Policy simulations suggest that expanding eligibility for birthright citizenship would improve educational outcomes by less than expanding overall take-up.

Juan Luksic (PSE)
Can immigration affect students skills-based neighborhood effect? Lessons from the recent migratory wave in Chile

This paper evaluates how much a child can learn in a neighborhood before and after foreign students arrive using the recent migratory phenomenon in Chile. I do so by estimating municipality’s causal effect on children’s skills rank at 4th grade (10 years old) conditional on the mother education rank in two windows: before and after the large wave of immigrants. Following Chetty and Hendren (2018) methodology I estimate each municipality’ effect using a fixed effect regression model identified by students who move across municipalities at different ages. I found that on average there is no effect of foreign students on municipality effect. Nevertheless, it seems that when immigration is higher than a threshold there is a negative effect.