AAC : Dossier “Coronavirus and migration. Discrimination, inequalities, resistance”, Dve domovini/Two Homelands — LIMITE : 30/09/2020


The purpose of this call for papers of the Journal Dve domovini/Two Homelands is to critically analyze the relationship between Coronavirus and migration, with a particular attention to institutional discrimination, new inequalities, racism, but also to the forms of resistance put in place by migrants for the respect of their rights, their dignity, their health.

We are interested in the submission of works that critically investigate general or specific aspects of the relationship between Coronavirus and migration, in all contexts of the world; topics may be, but are not limited to: displaced, refugees, asylum seekers and Coronavirus; migration policies at the time of Covid-19; discrimination in access to welfare and health services; new health inequalities, also in epidemiological terms; consequences on migrant women and care-workers; migrant family and Covid-19; working conditions, migrant labor (logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, care) and health risk; migration movements, national borders and Covid-19; detention and health risk; racism in the name of the virus; protests and claims of migrants for health protection, access to services, regularization, access to international protection.

The International Journal Dve domovini/Two Homelands welcomes the submission of scientific and professional articles, reports, debates and book reviews from the fields of humanities and social sciences, focusing on migration and related phenomena. The journal, published since 1990, is multidisciplinary and multilingual. The journal is published biannually. All articles undergo a review procedure.

  • Guest editors: Francesco Della Puppa – University of Venice, Fabio Perocco – University of Venice
  • Maximum length of the article: 30,000 characters (footnotes and bibliography included).
  • Submission: 30th september 2020
    Publishing: February 2021
Call for papers Coronavirus and Migration

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