AAC : 11th issue on “Immigrant legacies: the little things in the suitcase”, Routed Magazine — LIMITE : 26/06/2020

Routed Magazine is an online publication on migration and mobility founded in early 2019 by alumni of the MSc in Migration Studies and the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies of the University of Oxford.

For the 11th issue on “immigrant legacies: the little things in the suitcase”, Routed Magazine welcomes contributions that:

  • explore the ‘little things’ that define the cultural legacies passed down by immigrants and their communities, as well as the dynamics of transfer, rejection, and hybridisation;
  • follow the journey of a particular craft or tradition throughout history;
  • share the stories of recipes, tales, songs, knitting patterns, rituals… brought by family members across borders; as well as new cultural traditions emerged from the history of those journeys.

Language: submissions are welcome in Spanish and English.

Deadline: June 26 2020.

If you are interested in proposing a submission for this issue, please send a short abstract no longer than 250 words via email to: RoutedMagazine@gmail.com.

Full information below and on the website.

Routed 2020 cfs EN

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Routed 2020 cfs ES

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