AAP : Appel à consortium international pour le projet “Cultural heritage of immigrants in host societies”, prochainement soumis au Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH) — LIMITE : 10/07/2020

The Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH) has announced a new funding opportunity for transnational proposals.

The Portuguese team led by the Institute of Public Health at the University of Porto invites colleagues from France, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden to participate in the application.

The proposal falls under the topic “Impacts of cultural heritage: cultural, economic, user, public and social values”.

Researchers interested in the proposal are invited to contact José Caldas (jcaldas@fpce.up.pt) before July 10th in order to organize the team and outline the project.

Provisory abstract

Title: Cultural heritage of immigrants in host societies

Abstract: The increasing of globalization and mobility at the national and international levels has enlarged intercultural contacts, the cohabitation with cultural diversity and the conflicts, emerged from attitudes and discriminatory behaviors and racism, particularly in European context. The cultural plurality constitutes an essential characteristic of contemporary societies, mainly in Europe and in the rest of the world, the migratory phenomenon has become increasingly important. Population mobility and migratory flux put into contact the same and the Other and a great diversity of cultures and identities, that are found in the source of various social representations, stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination, posing challenges to autochthon people and migrants, communication and intercultural relations, in addition to the practices and public politics at different levels. The promotion of practices, strategies and appropriate politics added to the acquisition and development of intercultural competences are essential objectives for living, communicating and managing to the diversity and complexity that characterize the social and cultural fabric of today, for the education of children, young and adults, as well as for the development of national and international solidarity and the development of citizens and professionals, who are not only national but also transnational people.

Keywords: mobilities, interculturalities, intercultural relations, multicultural society, intercultural communication; Cultural heritage