PUBLI : Sanni Yaya, Helena Yeboah, Carlo Handy Charles, et al., “Ethnic and racial disparities in COVID-19-related deaths: counting the trees, hiding the forest”, BMJ Global Health, vol. 5, n°6, 2020

Summary box

  • COVID-19 has further exposed the strong association between race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status and health outcomes and illuminated monumental ethnoracialised differences reflecting the ‘colour of disease’.

  • Racism, segregation and inequality have been invisibly and pervasively embedded in dominant cultures and social institutions for decades.

  • The socioeconomic factors that negatively influence health outcomes within the underserved minority communities must be identified and contextualised within historical, political, social and economic remits.

  • Acquisition of disaggregated data will be vital in identifying gaps in the social determinants of these health disparities and tailoring global policy responses.

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