PUBLI : Milena Doytcheva, “White Diversity: Paradoxes of Deracializing Antidiscrimination”, Soc. Sci. vol. 50, n°9, 2020

This article questions, at its starting point, the theoretical and epistemic assumptions around the emergence of the concept of (super)diversity, hailed in a growing body of academic literature as marking a “diversity turn”. In the second part, it highlights the issues raised by the organizational applications of the diversity paradigm in three main policy domains: migration, urban planning, and antidiscrimination. Finally, emphasizing the development of white-centered diversity conceptions, particularly in the European and French contexts, it invites a closer look at the intertwining of scholarly and practical elaborations of the diversity frame by considering knowledge as practice.
Keywordsdiversity; superdiversity; multiculture; critical diversity studies; racism; discrimination; diversity policies