PUBLI : Ettore Recchi et Adrian Favell (dir.), Dossier “Book Symposium/ Everyday Europe: Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent”, Partecipazione e Conflitto [Participation et Conflict], vol. 13, n°1, 2020


Partecipazione e Conflitto [Participation and Conflict] is an International Journal based in Italy specialized in social and political studies.

PACO houses research and studies on the transformations of politics and its key players (political parties, interest groups, social movements, associations, unions, etc.), focusing in particular on the dynamics of participation both by individuals acting in conventional ways, and by those who prefer protest-oriented repertoires of action.

Special attention is also paid to the dynamics of transformation of contemporary political systems, with an eye fixed on the processes of democratization besides on the spaces opening to the new forms of governance both at local and sub-national, and supra-national level.

All are inscribed in that complex phenomenon represented by the trans-nationalization of social, political and economic processes, without neglecting the nation-state dimension.

The journal emphasizes innovative studies and research of high methodological rigor, treasuring of the most recent theoretical and empirical contributions in social and political sciences.


Book Symposium/ Everyday Europe: Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent
Alberta Giorgi, Luca Raffini

Inequality and Social Transnationalism: A Relationship to Work On
Alberta Andreotti        

Who Belongs to Europe? Notes on the (Lack of) Inclusiveness of Research on Social Transnationalism
Christine Barwick

Everyday Europe: Immigration, Transnational Mobility and the “Wicked Problem” of Brexit
Russel King

The Paradox of Everyday Europe: The Crisis of the European Project in the Context of Widespread Transnationalism
Gemma Scalise

Eschewing the Tedious Terrain of Looking for European identity Without Avoiding the Political
Virginie Van Ingelgom, Luis Vila-Henninger

Everyday Europe and Tomorrow’s Europe: Is There a Future for Social Transnationalism? A Response to Readers
Adrian Favell, Ettore Recchi

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