AAC : “Regionalization, Migration and Workers’ Organizing”, 14 – 18 juillet 2020, Porto Alegre — LIMITE : 30/​09/​2019

  • 14 – 18 juillet 2020
  • Porto Alegre (Brésil)


Recent economic devel­op­ment have witnessed several struc­tural changes : on the one hand, the outflows of capital have created a regional value chain between coun­tries or regions (e.g. Japanese and Korean invest­ments in South East Asia, transna­tional facto­ries at the mexican-USA borders, free-trade zones in Middle East). On the other hand, the inflows of migrant workers from to wealthier coun­tries (e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. in Asia ; South-Africa for some fron­tier-coun­tries like Zimbabwe or Mozambic ; Argentina for Paraguay and Bolivia, etc.) have created racial and ethnic divi­sion of work in low-paid sectors (labor-inten­sive indus­tries and care work, etc.) and chal­lenged the capacity of social inclu­sion in these coun­tries. In such contexts, the power asym­metry between employer and employees is rein­forced by other forms of domi­na­tion and subor­di­na­tion : race, ethnicity, gender…
This panel there­fore seeks to focus on workers’ orga­nizing strate­gies in the value chains. Espe­cially, newly-indus­tri­al­ized coun­tries or coun­tries where the trade union move­ment is weaker than in other old indus­trial coun­tries, seem very inter­esting cases.

We welcome papers that discuss the following questions

  • Under the context of weak trade union move­ment and increased power asym­metry between workers and employers, what are the new forms, actors and networks of organizing ?
  • What are the roles of trade unions, NGOs and other social actors in orga­nizing or supporting migrant workers ?
  • What are the rela­tions between work­place orga­nizing and other issues of social justice (commu­nity orga­nizing, cultural recog­ni­tion, envi­ron­mental justice, etc.).

Papers drawing on compar­a­tive studies will be espe­cially appreciated.

Session organizers

Ya-Han CHUANG, INED (Institut National d’Etudes Démo­graphiques), France, yahanduken@gmail.com,

Delphine MERCIER, CNRS – LEST-UMR 7317, France, delphine.mercier@univ-amu.fr

Chris CHAN, City Univer­sity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, sskcchan@gmail.com