CONF : « A Market for Work Permits », intervention de Martin Ravaillon dans le Webinar « Economics of Migrations » — Mercredi 15 avril 2020, 17h30

Le CERDI organise une série de sémi­naires en ligne (Zoom webi­nars) sur l’économie des migra­tions, en collab­o­ra­tion avec PSE, le LISER, l’Université du Luxembourg, l’Universidad Carlos III, le CEPII et IC Migrations du CNRS. Cette initia­tive veut contribuer à animer des échanges entre chercheurs dans ce contexte exceptionnel.

Inscription : bit​.ly/​3​a4yGc8 (Zoom)


It will be polit­i­cally diffi­cult to liber­alize inter­na­tional migra­tion without some form of protec­tion for host-​country workers. The paper explores the scope for effi­ciently managing migra­tion and refugees using a compet­i­tive market for work permits. Host-​county workers would be granted the legal option of renting out their implicit citi­zen­ship work permits for a period of their choice, while foreigners purchase time-​bound work permits. The market is anony­mous, with no need for person­al­ized match­ings of buyers with sellers. Aggregate labor supply need not change in the host country. However, total output would rise, and workers would see enhanced social protec­tion. Simulations for the US and Mexico suggest that the new market would attract many skilled migrants, boosting GDP and reducing poverty in the US.

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