AAC : Dossier « Coronavirus and migration. Discrimination, inequalities, resistance », Dve domovini/​Two Homelands — LIMITE : 30/​09/​2020


The purpose of this call for papers of the Journal Dve domovini/​Two Home­lands is to crit­i­cally analyze the rela­tion­ship between Coro­n­avirus and migra­tion, with a partic­ular atten­tion to insti­tu­tional discrim­i­na­tion, new inequal­i­ties, racism, but also to the forms of resis­tance put in place by migrants for the respect of their rights, their dignity, their health.

We are inter­ested in the submis­sion of works that crit­i­cally inves­ti­gate general or specific aspects of the rela­tion­ship between Coro­n­avirus and migra­tion, in all contexts of the world ; topics may be, but are not limited to : displaced, refugees, asylum seekers and Coro­n­avirus ; migra­tion poli­cies at the time of Covid-19 ; discrim­i­na­tion in access to welfare and health services ; new health inequal­i­ties, also in epidemi­o­log­ical terms ; conse­quences on migrant women and care-workers ; migrant family and Covid-19 ; working condi­tions, migrant labor (logis­tics, manu­fac­turing, agri­cul­ture, care) and health risk ; migra­tion move­ments, national borders and Covid-19 ; deten­tion and health risk ; racism in the name of the virus ; protests and claims of migrants for health protec­tion, access to services, regu­lar­iza­tion, access to inter­na­tional protection.

The Inter­na­tional Journal Dve domovini/​Two Home­lands welcomes the submis­sion of scien­tific and profes­sional arti­cles, reports, debates and book reviews from the fields of human­i­ties and social sciences, focusing on migra­tion and related phenomena. The journal, published since 1990, is multi­dis­ci­pli­nary and multi­lin­gual. The journal is published bian­nu­ally. All arti­cles undergo a review procedure.

  • Guest editors : Francesco Della Puppa – Univer­sity of Venice, Fabio Perocco – Univer­sity of Venice
  • Maximum length of the article : 30,000 char­ac­ters (foot­notes and bibli­og­raphy included).
  • Submis­sion : 30th september 2020
    Publishing : February 2021
Call for papers Coro­n­avirus and Migration

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